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Certified Mortgage Planner | CMPS

About Ben Holland

Ben cut his teeth running the marketing department at On Q Financial a national lender in Tempe, Arizona, now he is a Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer in Connecticut. Ben made the switch after moving across the country and buying a house sight unseen. He found the process difficult and confusing even though he worked in the industry. Ben’s goal is to help make this process easy and less confusing for families. Not only simplifying the mortgage process Ben enjoys helping families make smart financial decisions that will help them be wealthy not just own a home.

Ben has 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and marketing. He has been blessed to win 9 marketing awards and many national PR opportunities; most notably an appearance on the front page of The New York Times. He has had great mentors from his time on four different marketing boards and was honored to be president of the American Marketing Association in Phoenix. He is a goal-oriented, data-driven businessman who welcomes any challenge.

Ben grew up in a small lobstering town, on an island off the coast of Maine. Here he spent his youth fishing, sailboating, mountain biking, and exploring the wilderness of his island abode.

Ben moved to Tempe, Arizona to attend the Harvard of the west, Arizona State University. Studying in the College of Life Sciences Ben majored in Biology. Ben graduated and started a pest control company called Scorpion Sweepers the next month.

After nearly two decades living in the heat Ben moved back to New England calling Southbury, CT home. He lives there with his fiancée, son, three dogs, and horse. On weekends you can find the family visiting a local town, hiking, or camping.

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Mortgage Unlimited Mission Statement

We exist to Pioneer a New Vision in our industry based on Love, Education and Prosperity through Sustainable Lending.

Mortgage Unlimited Values


We are passionate mortgage professionals who genuinely care for the financial well being of our clients and the communities we serve. Education- We know obtaining a mortgage


We know obtaining a mortgage is not easy so we make it simple by leveraging technology and media to help families gain clarity and make confident financial decisions.


Through real estate, we optimize our clients' wealth by helping them make smarter mortgage decisions.

History Of Mortgage Unlimited

Mortgage Unlimited, the home of Sustainable Lending, has been family owned and operated since we opened our doors in 1988. We are committed to changing our industry through our Sustainable Lending platform which serves our clients, their families, and communities at large. Through our unique process, we are creating clients for life to which both homebuyers and real estate agents can attest. We believe in investing in people, including our own. We have a unique company culture that encourages our employees to prosper both personally and professionally. Our mission of love, education, and prosperity drive everything we do as we change the mortgage industry, one family, at a time.

What is Sustainable Lending?

Sustainable Lending is a conscious belief that we are all interconnected; therefore it is our responsibility to provide our clients with affordable financing options in a moral and ethical way. We then reinvest a portion of our monthly profits into the local communities in which we serve.

Mortgage Unlimited Philanthropy

Each month we donate a portion of our profits to serve our communities.